Getting to Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort

Mt Baw Baw is only 160km or 2.5 hours drive east of Melbourne making it one of the most accessible and popular alpine destinations.

With access via the Mt Baw Baw Tourist Route or the South Face Road choose the most suitable option for you and be sure to enjoy the drive and the destination!

How to get to the resort

Option 1 - Mt Baw Baw Tourist Road

A Beautiful but narrow and winding road, travel time from Melbourne CBD is approximately 2.5 hours. There are some great places to stop along the way for a snack such as the township of Noojee or fuel in Neerim Junction.

Option 2 - South Face Road

The last 25km of this trip is on a gravel road, but it is wide and less windy. Those who suffer from travel sickness prefer this route. Travel time from Melbourne CBD is 2.5 hours.

Option 3 - Yarra Junction

Picturesque and more direct from eastern suburbs along a narrow and winding road. Travel time from Lilydale is approximately 2 hours. This is the best option from the far eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

More information about getting to Mount Baw Baw can be found here:

A first timer’s guide to traveling to an Alpine Resort can be found here:

Note that it is possible to get a taxi to the resort entry and sometime all the way into the resort if the taxi carries snow chains. The resort may be operating a bus service from the resort entry which must be booked or alternatively a private operator may operate a bus service from some of the close major towns. The Mount Baw Baw website will be the best source of up to date information.

Important things to know before traveling to Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort

  • There is no Fuel available at Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort and there are limited petrol stations along the way, make sure to fill up and have sufficient fuel for a return trip (we recommend at least half a tank of fuel).
  • During the declared Winter Season (see Mount Baw Baw Website) snow chains must be carried by law. They can be hired along the way
  • You should check your car before traveling, the cold can affect your battery especially if it already does not hold charge very well. Check there is antifreeze in your radiator.
  • Diesel cars should fill up with Alpine Diesel mix or use anti-gel additives to prevent your fuel waxing due to the cold.
  • During winter there is a resort entry fee, see the resort website for rates:

Finding Edski Lodge once you arrive

Edski Lodge is located 50 meters from the day carpark of the resort, the main door is shown in the below photo. Please note that you can not access Edski Lodge from Tingariingy Crescent, you must access from the day car park near the visitor centre. 
Generally the resort road crew will allow you to pull up in car park no. 1 quickly to unload your luggage and then you will have to move your vehicle down to car park 2, 3 or 4 for overnight stay.